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Meet Haylee Venus
Introducing Haylee Venus, Social entrepreneur and humanitarian, Soulful Songtsress and creative.
Haylee is a woman on a mission, that mission being to serve with love and empower and transform lives through her businesses, life experiences and talents.

Haylee established herself through creative network Embrace U Empire, since then working artistically with the community and charities through homeless projects, Inspiring Edge Fashion Show and many community  initiatives.

Venus the founder is optimistic & dedicated in her approach aiming to increase the diaspora’s involvement in community and social development across Africa and the Caribbean.
Haylee Venus

Meet Roslyn Briggs 
Roslyn is a fitness dance instructor and has been volunteering with Mek Ah Step since 2016. “Joining this mission has been a remarkable adventure being that is aligned with my core values. Coming from a creative background I have been given the opportunity to lead the drama and dance workshop with the youth internationally.  Am excited to see what the future holds  and seeing the growth of the youth that we have an served to date. 
Roslyn Briggs


Since 2015, we have taken our volunteers to diverse communities and offered the opportunity to create the change they want to see!

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