"Its not just creativity, its life enrichment!!!"

Our Activities

Make A Step Arts and Crafts

These workshops use a variety of activities involving making things with ones hands. It explores Jewellery making, mask making, String art, DIY Fashion, Origami, Paper mashee, Tshirt art and many other activities of this nature.

Make A Step All Sports

This workshop is a combination of creative sports and conventional fun filled sports activities. All sports promoting and encouraging physical & mental wellbeing.

Make A Step Football Training

Football training for all ages and abilities, where children will be coached to learn basic to advanced football skills and techniques.

Make A Step Creative Writing

These workshops are designed to bring out the writer in you. It explores different creative writing techniques including song writing and poetry, that expresses ideas and thoughts in an imaginative way.

Make A Step Drama and Performing Arts

These workshops use games, activities and role play, designed to build confidence, teach performance skills, develop communication skills in small group situations and learning how to present to an audience.

We also teach scripts for short plays for performances.

Make A Step Leadership and Entrepreneurship

These workshops challenge the individual to channel the leader within and cultivate ideas as a team, working towards to solving problems in the community and innovating tangible business ideas and implementation.

Make A Step Dance

These workshops includes dance activities, fitness and fun for individuals. Participants are challenged to create own choreography, explore dance genres and cultural dance techniques. There is also an opportunity to perform at upcoming shows locally.

Make A Step Creative & Expression

These workshops explore all things creative including art, design and fashion. Individual will partake in a series of activities to aid the evolution of the creative inside. Activities are fun and interactive and stimulate inner designer.

Make A Step Nature Call

These workshops includes insight and enlightenment to humanity, the environment and the impact  & responsibilty we as human have on earth. It involves activities that promote eco living, caring for nature and upcycling in a creative manner.

Make A Step Showcase & Recognition Awards

This is the coming together of all that has been created throughout our time with your budding young creatives. A chance we use to celebrate the creativity, its unification and what it has allowed students to discover about themselves. Our chance to acknowledge and honour all participants and their journey with us. We award all participants with a certificate and memorabilia.