''assist young people in tapping into their full potential"


Make A Step C.I.C is a registered community interest company.

Make A Step commonly referred to as ‘Mek Ah Step’ delivers creative arts and sports workshops locally and around the world.

Make A Step workshops are specifically tailored for each group and explore various forms of creativity, arts and sports activities.

Our workshops are aimed at 5 – 16 years old and aid to discover and optimise personal and social development.

The Make A Step team are made up of creative individuals from all walks of life and professional backgrounds who are passionate about young people and the steps they make towards their future.
All members of the team are dedicated and committed to creating a safe, loving environment of fun, unity and empowerment.


‘There is no limits to our creative powers’ says Founder.

MAS started as a vision to empower young people through creative arts and sports.
In 2015, 6 volunteers committed to our first ever programme in SOS Children’s Village in Barrett Town, Jamaica. We worked endlessly to raise the funds through crowdfunding, events and sponsored walks to facilitate the programme. This consisted of a variety of creative arts and sports activities and explored many aspects of social and community.

When keen interest from our local community and businesses who encouraged us to introduce the workshops to the children and young people in London who could benefit from these organic workshops which were having such a nurturing effect internationally.


Our Mission Statement: Our mission is to assist young people in tapping into their full potential. into their greatness, developing skills that are necessary and transferable to desired career path whilst becoming the best possible versions of themselves and solving problems within their community through creativity.


Our vision is to become the most credible, life enriching creative arts providers for young people globally, by 2020.

Make A Step aims:

  • To give opportunity and encourage young people to set goals and continue to make steps towards life dreams.
  • To use creative activities to reflect upon existing beliefs, attitudes and feelings and the opportunity to try alternative ways of acting in the world.
  • To create safe & loving environment of fun, unity and empowerment.
  • To Work closely with disadvantaged individuals, to assist them in realising Intrinsic creativity and full potential.
  • To inspire and interact with young people to bring out their gifts and individuality.
  • To support with individual needs, and liaise with businesses and communities to initiate positive change.
  • To challenge creative personal expression so individuals and group members can feel involved and sense of an achievement through programme.
  • To connect & collaborate with creative businesses and young people facilities worldwide.
  • To become effect agents of change in these communities as young faces of diaspora philanthropy and encourage volunteerism.
  • To provide a platform for youth to become socially conscious and a catalyst for creative entrepreneurship.
  • To bridge economic cultural differences & explore possible youth development.
  • To equip individuals with transferable social, communication & presentation skills needed for perusal of career aspirations.