Developing Communities Through The Arts

Make A Step C.I.C is a registered Community Interest Company.

Make A Step commonly referred to as ‘Mek Ah Step’ delivers creative arts and sports workshops locally and around the world.

Make A Step workshops are specifically tailored for each group and explore various forms of creativity, arts and sports activities.

Our workshops are aimed at 5 – 16 years old and aid to discover and optimise personal and social development.

All members of the team are dedicated and committed to creating a safe, loving environment of fun, unity and empowerment.

Our Focus


Our heart is at the centre of every individual we serve!


We believe the people are their own heros!


We believe creativity is the best way to unlock full potential. 

Our Tailor made programmes

  • Develop confidence.
  • Develop relationships with those we are being creative with 
  • Explore what their talents and strengths are
  • Increase positive Emotion 
  • Teaches us about who we are, what we love & what we can give to the world
  • Help us define ways to become more socially aware
  • Encourage collaboration
My experience with Mek Ah Step in the gambia started with a feeling of arriving home and  meeting the beautiful people along the journey expecially the children they opened up there hearts and poured out unconditional love to the team. I personally conquered fears and overcame obstacles and grew from things I would not normally do, like teaching and working with a large group of students. I enjoyed working part of the MAS team and still had the element of freedom throughout my time there .I would definately recommend it to anyone thinking about going on this journey.
– – –
Jason Dyer, The Gambia,2018
I first met Haylee in 2016, and I thought what a beautiful soul. Without hesitation, she acquainted me with her organization. I instantly fell in love with the aim and focus of the group. We made plans for MekahStep to visit the following year. Haylee and her team mates came to my school and interacted with the children there. Hearing about MekAhStep and seeing them in action are eons apart. The MekAhStep team really impacted positively on the children, something that they constantly need. MekAhStep tackled real world issues that our children face and helped them come up with practical solutions. They helped to impart virtues such as self love, inner beauty and confidence in my students. My boys and girls stop me all the time and ask when are the MekAhStep people coming back, reemphasizing the mark that was left. My school looks forward to more  visits from MekAhStep. I look forward to working with them in the future, since I believe there are many opportunities for growth of the group. The group really live up to the name and ‘MekAhStep’ toward positive living!
– – –
Mrs. Janelle A. M. Ross, Stanley Jon Odlum Memorial Secondary School, Teacher and LRC Manager
– – –
School’s Location: Marigot Castries
My name is Saikou S Darboe from The Gambia teaching in Bakau Lower Basic School. My experiences from Mek Ah Step during their week training in the above named school in April 2017. We have learned a lot about the power of creative arts, games and motivative methods to empowering students to explore, do their best and in conclusion there week training and teaching was so effective and educative, both the teachers and Students has learned and experience a lot from them. We wish to have Mek Ah Step  back again in the Gambia, Bakau school.
Thanks once again wish you all the best.
– – –
Saikou S Darboe, Project Coordinator, Bakau Lower Basic School

The Gambia was such an amazing experience which is deserving and humbling for many. Deserving as we should all experience and enjoy the motherland and why not the smiling coast (it really is)…. humbling to see the love that they have over there and their welcoming spirit, no matter their circumstances (an attitude that should be adopted worldwide). Helping and witnessing these young souls blossom through creativity is beautiful as they are so eager to be involved and embrace all teachings.

– – –
Vanessa, Volunteer

Let’s Work Together

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It’s been a journey of a thousand miles and you have been part our story !!

A special big thank you to all individuals, schools & organisations that have pledged their support & who make our work possible.

We thank you for sharing our vision and values to develop communities through the arts.